Magic That Entertains

Having a wedding, a party or organization event? Want it be extra special? Jim, through his highly entertaining way of delivering magic that looks like the real thing will have your guests laughing, wondering, talking, remembering, and talking again about what they witnessed. And with his uncanny ability to incorporate customized messages through magic, his show will have special meaning for you. There will be memorable magic that pertains to your wedding or private event.

Everyone has seen a magic show at one time or another – whether on stage or on television. But few have ever witnessed the intimate magic that Jim can perform right under their noses. Sleight-of-hand, mental magic, escapism – all in the comfort and intimacy of your home or party site. It's a special kind of magic that Jim has developed over decades of passionate learning, and performing.

You'll be proud to have Jim add to your occasion. As the consummate gentleman, he mixes well with all walks of life, and never puts anyone down. It's never "see what I can do and you can't", but always a sincere desire to add wonder to your guests' lives.