Magic That Motivates

When performing for corporate audiences, Jim weaves a motivational message into his presentation that will help increase your people's productivity - whether in sales, marketing, or production. Have some important points you want to make? Jim will assure your audience hears and remembers them – by using magic to demonstrate.

After 38 years of owning and operating Bodine Marketing Group Inc., a suburban Philadelphia ad agency catering to the marketing and sales needs of major national brands, Jim uses his rich experience to be able to walk the talk.

Having often used magic for his marketing clients, Jim’s made life long friends with some prominent people along the way. Among them are a President of Oral B and a Vice President of Marketing at Sterling Healthcare (now Bayer Consumer Care) who later became Chairman of the National Easter Seals Society. All have had the pleasure of utilizing Jim's unique magic and marketing talents to help them accomplish their organization's objectives. And have become good friends in the process.