Magic For Children

Jim fondly remembers becoming interested in magic as a child. He got started with his passion at the age of 10, shortly after his grandfather pulled a real Milky Way candy bar out the TV during a Milky Way commercial. Today, Jim takes great pleasure in sharing his magic with children.

Performing effectively for children is different than performing for adults. For children, Jim uses magic items that they enjoy – and with these items makes them laugh – makes them scream – and they love it!

For instance, during his children's show, Joco, his "pet" monkey puppet will often take great pains to read the children's minds, and later the party guests help Jim make magic cookies – that they eat! Delicious.

The content of his show depends on the age of the children. Jim wants to assure he's performing for the likes of his audience. But regardless of age, it's total magic fun from beginning to end.

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